7603 XMOD

Line / Mic / DI Pre-Amplifier with Carnhill transformers


Chameleon Labs 7603-XMod

"I was blown away by the 7603's low noise and clarity"

- Robert Lang, Robert Lang Studios

  • UK Carnhill Microphone and Line Input transformers and Carnhill UK output transformer, all with mu-metal housings
  • High resolution, low noise discrete audio circuitry
  • Hi-Z Direct Instrument Input (TRS)
  • Discrete Class A Electronic Topology
  • Three band, inductor based EQ
  • 48V phantom power for mic input
  • Selectable 300Ω or 1200Ω Mic Input Impedance
  • Custom VU meter (input/output) with calibrated ballistics
  • Relay based selection of Line / Mic & DI Inputs
  • Overload input and output indicators
  • Reverse Phase Switch
  • Universal, on-board power supply