Chameleon Labs: Analog Audio for the Digital Age

The Chameleon Labs name has always been synonymous with unashamedly analog audio.

Since its origins in the early 2000s the company has designed preamps and outboard audio devices that defy the trend towards digital processing, instead preserving the organic qualities of analog sound.

In 2014 the company was acquired by legendary engineer Marcelo Vercelli, a 30-year veteran of the professional audio industry who has spent his career designing revolutionary products for companies including Event, Mackie, RCF and KV2.

After two years of research and development we are excited to announce a completely new generation of Chameleon Labs products, based around a simple philosophy — Analog for the digital age.


The Chameleon Labs 7603 Preamp.

Classic 1970s analog British preamps have always been revered as having the very best sound available, however these devices are not only incredibly expensive, but were designed in a time prior to, and with no consideration for the digital environment that is the modern studio.

This is what makes Chameleon Labs unique. We design premium analog equipment inspired by classic British audio textures, that is truly unique in both design and performance, and is accessible to artists and engineers the world over.

Using incredibly elegant engineering, combined with the finest electronic components available, Chameleon Labs products exhibit much lower noise, provide higher gain and greater dynamic control than any other analog device currently on the market.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved with the new Chameleon Labs. You’ll never hear things the same way again.