New Product Line-up Launched at 2016 NAMM

After a period of two years of R&D the team at Chameleon Labs is excited to introduce its new line of analog audio products at the NAMM Show in Anaheim CA, USA (Hall E Booth 1771) from January 21 - 24.

Underlined by the company ethos “Analog audio for the digital age”, all of Chameleon’s new products are designed to offer classic analog performance but with fundamental enhancements to increase their performance and reliability in today’s recording ecosystem.

Classic 1970s analog British preamps have always been revered as having the very best sound available, however these devices are not only prohibitively expensive for most, but were designed in a time prior to, and with no consideration for the digital environment that is the modern studio. With the increasing pollution of Wifi, RF and other wireless signals, many of these classic electronic designs act as antennae for parasitic noise that can easily destroy the recording signal chain.

Headlining the release of the new generation of Chameleon products is the new 7603 microphone, line and DI pre-amplifier. Using all-new proprietary input and output transformers, inductors and a power supply developed in-house by Chameleon Lab engineers, the 7603 offers incredible performance that makes it a category killer in the sub $1,000 channel strip category.

Following on the popular tradition of the Chameleon 7602, the 7603 is available in an ‘XMOD’ version that employs transformers courtesy of Carnhill, UK. Identical to the 7603 in every other way, the 7603 XMOD offers a different sonic “flavor” for those that prefer the character of these iconic British components.

The 7730 is a rack-mountable compressor based on a traditional VCA design that offers trusted audio performance, but with a number of elegant updates courtesy of Chameleon’s engineers that deliver high performance, low noise and a high level of versatility.

Additionally, the company is signaling its intent to support the 500 series community, with a 3-channel EQ module (560EQ), as well as single (CPS503) and eight slot (880Rack) powered chassis.

Design and development has been led by Chameleon’s owner, legendary engineer Marcelo Vercelli, who purchased the company in 2014. A 30-year veteran of the professional audio industry, Marcelo has spent his career designing revolutionary products for some of the world’s leading pro-audio brands, including Event, Mackie, RCF and KV2. He considers this launch of Chameleon’s new generation of analog audio products the finest achievement of his career.

“Over the last 30 years I’ve had the privlige to work with some of the brightest engineers and most creative artists in the music and recording industry.” Mr Vercelli commented during the launch at the NAMM Show. “It’s been my dream to create high performance analog gear that combines the warmth, edge and character of the classic 70s devices with incredibly low noise and high dynamics, and with today’s launch I have realized that dream. Then to be able to make it accessible to such a wide range of engineers and artists is incredibly exciting.“

Chameleon expects to be shipping the new products in late 2016.