Incredible reviews for the 7603 Preamp!

Our 7603 and 7603-XMod Preamps have been getting rave reviews since release. Here are some of our favourites!

Resolution Magazine (UK) (view the full review here)

"The Chameleons [7603 and 7603-Xmod] are both impeccable performers which sound terrific and are competitively priced... big sound, smooth EQ, excellent noise performance..."

Audio Technology (Australia) (view the full review here)

"Chameleon Labs has upped the ante with the new 7603 range, adding custom transformers and inductors to an already feature-rich design complemented by pro build quality and audio performance."

Bonedo (Germany) (view the full review here)

(translated) "The 7603 is not only rock solid and processed perfectly, but also scores in feature set. 4.5/5!"

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