880Rack and CPS503 now shipping

Chameleon’s new 500-series power solutions are now shipping and available from authorised retailers across the USA

The new 880RACK marks Chameleon’s entry into the multi 500-Series powered chassis category with a high performance, flexible design package capable of housing up to eight modules.

At the heart of the 880RACK is Chameleon's own multi-voltage switch mode power supply capable of delivering a staggering 3 amps of constant current to the 500 Series voltage rails. This level of power ensures that the 880RACK is able to run even power hungry Class A based modules. Additionally it allows the 880RACK to be plugged into any 100-250V AC power source globally.

The 880RACK ships with four blank plate covers as well as rack ears to allow the unit to be rack-mounted. It is now available across the US at $599 MSRP.

The new CPS503 is a single-slot powered rack enclosure for 500-Series modules, using a single external switch-mode power supply.

The unit can be used as a table-top solution or can be rack mounted using the included accessories.

The CPS503 can be purchased either with (CPS503-PWR, $349 MSRP) or without a power supply (CPS503, $249 MSRP), allowing users to cost-effectively daisy-chain and run up to eight units from the one power supply.

Find your nearest Chameleon Labs dealer and organise a demo of the new 880RACK and CPS503 today!